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Single Project

Your Coffee

The project started with Your Coffee Ltd. who needed to create branding identity, corporate style and packaging design.  Brocade team successfully created it! 

Branding    |    e-Commerce website design    |    Marketing


Creating logo, branding identity for company and products, packaging design.


March 19, 2017


Art Direction, UI/UX


Our Process

Brocade started working on company’s corporate style. We decided to highlight brand’s individuality by creating handwritten design of slogans. The idea of product packaging included craft paper and design patterts of several variations.

01. Responsibility

We are comitted to deliver the most creative ideas to highlight your brand’s individuality.

02. Professionality

Our award-winning designers perform their mastery for you and your target audience.

03. Support

Our Support team will gladly help you with your project’s questions and answer your questions.

04. Creativity

We put emphasis on non-standard approach to common things.


Our Works

web design

Cardons’ Inc.

web design

Coffee Shop

web design

Illustrator Anna Brown

web design

Green Life Ltd.